Academic Support

We understand the challenges you face...
and we’ll lift you up to meet them.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a mathlete; a hesitant dreamer or a doer who is always leading the charge.

At Ozarks, you’ll find everything you need to become everything you want to be. In an amazing learning environment that encourages you to explore.

For more than 180 years, we've been helping students find their courage, eliminating the barriers that hold them back and providing the tools that move them forward...confident and prepared.


Led by amazing professors who could teach anywhere, but choose
to change the world here, sharing their passion to ignite yours.

They'll know you. Not just your name, not just your major...YOU.
Your ambitions, your concerns, your strengths, and your weaknesses.
Your professors are your mentors and, in some cases, your friends.
And those relationships last well beyond graduation.

Student Success Center

Discover the freedom to be who you are. And the courage to be something more.
The SSC provides academic support for all Ozarks students including individual and group tutoring, individualized support, and academic advising. All those services have no additional cost. We can help you:

  • Succeed in difficult courses
  • Write research papers/critical reviews
  • Complete math assignments successfully
  • Create a plan for study skills and time management
  • Get accommodations for special testing needs and other disability services
  • Build self-confidence

Career Services


Any school can give you a degree. At the University of the Ozarks we power your potential, through an amazing journey of discovery that helps you explore your promise and find your purpose in life. Career services offers one-on-one assistance to Ozarks students and alumni. We work very closely with employers and graduate schools to provide opportunities for jobs and graduate study.
We want to see you succeed!

Jones Learning Center

The JLC program is designed to serve students who demonstrate average or above average intellectual abilities as measured by one of the Wechsler intelligence scales. Students who will benefit from the services of the JLC and be successful at Ozarks are able to understand college-level material but need additional support to demonstrate their knowledge in a traditional academic environment.

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