What Can I Study

Explore our academic programs and faculty, and discover that you can do anything with a degree from University of the Ozarks.

The LENS Program

The LENS Program (Learning Environment for New Synthesis) is our highly distinctive curriculum that allows students to graduate with an academic major and two minors. The LENS program challenges students to attain excellence in each of three academic areas or "lenses" - the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences.

University of the Ozarks combines a liberal arts education with specialization in multiple fields. We believe students who concentrate studies in one area alone limit their adaptability in an ever-changing global environment. With our curriculum, you will explore, discover, and develop many areas of interest. LENS expands academic opportunities for students and frees them from the academic restrictions presented at other colleges and universities. At Ozarks, you will feel empowered to make your own choices about which courses to take, but within a structure that encourages excellency in a particular field.

Our unique and enriching curriculum offers you the breadth and depth of opportunity to get an excellent education. An array of interdisciplinary programs provide opportunities to synthesize and connect what you learn in many different departments. As a student at Ozarks, you will have a broad range of choices, and a great deal of freedom to set your own academic path for the future.


Broaden your learning experiences and professional opportunities by gaining more depth in operational accounting topics, while having the opportunity for internships and other interactions to bridge the gap between the classroom and the business world.

American Studies

Engage with the complex and diverse histories of cultural, racial, and national encounters that have come to shape the past and present of the United States.


Explore a wide variety of hands-on studio classes, where you will be challenged to learn the technical skills associated with a particular medium, as well as to engage in thoughtful and critical analysis of the work.


With three tracks available - Biomedical, Ecology/Wildlife, Secondary Education, you'll get hands-on experiences, local and abroad internships, research with faculty, and preparation for continuing your education to propel you no matter what path you choose to take.

Business Administration

Develop effective critical thinking, writing, communication, and teamwork skills that will help prepare you to deal effectively with critical issues in an ever-changing global business environment. There are several minors available in this discipline.

Business Education

Get prepared to teach a variety of business subjects at the secondary school level or to continue on with graduate work in business education.


Experience classroom instruction with hands-on labs and research to help you develop highly desirable skills to employers in all sorts of sectors. A degree in chemistry opens the door to a wide range of career options – far more than you may have realized.

Church Music

Do you wish to apply your musical talents in a church setting?   You will have the opportunity to receive private lessons, get involved in ensembles, and learn the basics of church music all while also delving into music history and religion classes.


Study the great questions and great foundations of Western culture. In the context of classical literature, languages and cultural studies, you will deepen your understanding of contemporary society.

Communication Studies

With 3 tracks - Film, RTV, and Strategic Communication - you will learn the skills needed to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Computer Science

Learn fundamental programming skills and have hands-on experience applying those skills to computer-related projects. You will have an enhanced understanding of the role and challenges of computing in society.

Creative Writing & Thought

As a creative writer, you will learn the basics, hone your craft, and deepen the questions raised in your work. You will learn in the context of literature, English, and literary theory, and with investigations into some of the most profound philosophical questions. 

Criminal Justice

Study the American Criminal Justice System and become familiar with the concepts and research methods necessary to work in criminology or criminal justice. You will have useful preparation for careers in social service, counseling, law, law enforcement, corrections, and graduate studies.