Ozarks Traditions

Because some things are worth doing over and over...and over!


At Ozarks, we believe that traditions remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past as it shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become.

  • Wednesday Chapel
  • Homecoming
  • Study Night Breakfast
  • Project Poet
  • Earth Day Tree Planting
  • Global Festival
  • Recycled Fashion Show

Wednesday Chapel

Join the campus community every Wedesday @ 11 AM for a time of self reflection and spiritual awareness.


A celebration of past and present with a week-long celebration of current students culminating in many Alumni events on campus and in the community. We will be crowning the Homecoming Royalty at the soccer games on Saturday!

Study Night Breakfast

As the clock winds down and the stress picks up, faculty and staff will serve students a late night breakfast as finals week begins. This event is sponsored by SGA each semester, complete with raffle ticket drawings for prizes such as bikes, coffee makers, tablets, and more!

Project Poet

Once a year, during eight weeks several students get together to express their experiences and feelings through poetry recital for the title of Poet Laureate of Spadra Valley...and $1,000!

Plant a tree

The tree-planting event is the first of a series of activities organized by the University's Planet Club in celebration of Earth Week.

Global Festival

Enjoy an international experience full of food, drinks, customs, and traditions from other countries around the world! Gain a global perspective right here on campus.

Recycled Fashion Show

This is where art meets the environment. Students, faculty, and staff enter their best fashion made out of completely recycled material. Hand-selected models will strut their stuff in unique and environmentally friendly outfits.