Residential Life

University of the Ozarks provides quality on-campus living and learning environments that encourage and enhance participation and enjoyment of your college experience.



Be a part of the campus community, meet fellow students with similar interests, and build bonds of friendship that will remain throughout your time at Ozarks.


Why drive when you can walk? In five minutes, you can be anywhere on campus! Live in close proximity to your classes, the dining hall, the library, and other facilities.


Living on campus provides you with opportunities to interact with staff and faculty who can provide personal guidance, career connections, and leadership opportunities.


Living on campus allows students to live comfortably in a secure environment that provides emotional, spiritual, social, and academic support to help students succeed.
Home away from home

When you live on campus, you'll meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, and you may develop friendships that will last a lifetime. All Ozarks residence halls feature a full slate of both planned and impromptu activities, so there's nearly always something going on! We develop opportunities and experiences that build our community. Residence halls are dynamic facilities where students may interact, grow, mature, learn, and effectively pursue their academic, personal, and spiritual goals.