ARCH Symposium

ARCH Symposium

At University of the Ozarks, we’ll help you find your passion and develop your skills with a unique liberal arts program that’s equal parts enlightenment and preparation.


The A.R.C.H. (Advanced Research and Creative Highlights) Symposium is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent, hard work, and proudest moments from projects done both inside and outside of the classroom.


ARCH Presentations

ALL Ozarks students are invited to participate/compete in 3 different events

• Oral Presentations

You have a maximum of 15 minutes to fully present your topic.

• Poster Presentations

Submit a 36” x 48” visual display of your project and present a 3-5 minute overview to judges along with an extended abstract.

• Visual Arts

Submit different artistic and visual displays such as painting, photography, ceramics, video, and more!

Subject matter

Showcase projects and work already completed during your time at Ozarks

• Classwork

• Independent Research

• Organization projects

• Internships

• Study Abroad

• And more!

Present what you're studying



In the last three years, we have honored the work of nearly 150 students through the different presentation styles and have awarded nearly $5,500 as a result of the outstanding work of our students.

Awards given:

• Outstanding - $200
Top recognition in Oral Presentations.

• Distinguished - $150
Top recognition in Poster Presentations and Visual Arts.

• Achievement - $100
For deserving students not recognized in Distinguished or Outstanding.

• Merit - $50
For deserving individuals not recognized in another category.

• People’s Choice - $25
Chosen by the audience via surveys.