After Ozarks

Our graduates work around the world, in industries ranging from
fashion design to environmental science.

These are people you want to know. They were once in your shoes.

Alumni and you

At University of the Ozarks we talk about family, community, and connection. 

These extend beyond your four years as a student. Our alumni are very much still family, a part of the community and connected. Many of them came here not knowing what their future might hold, unsure of what their major may be, or what they may do – but they knew they wanted to be here. During their time here they grew, found their way and now they are here to help you do the same. 

They stay connected, and continue to support Ozarks, because there is something special about this place. Our alumni help fund scholarships, help with internships, job opportunities and so much more! 

You will see them speaking in your classrooms, and at events on campus. They return because they care, they want to hear and see the traditions of Ozarks continue on. Our alumni are the ones who can speak to you about their journey, give you advice, network with you and provide you opportunities. They are invested in you and your success. 

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