Our Mission and Vision

Live life fully.

True to our Christian heritage, we prepare students from
diverse religious, cultural, educational and economic backgrounds to live life fully.

Plan, Promise, Dream

We call this the 70/80/90 goal.

We believe in it. We actively strive to achieve it.

The plan is to graduate in four years with the promise that you will be prepared to live out your dreams. We invite you to make your dreams a reality and we take great pride in helping you.

You bring the dreams and together we promise to develop the plan....

*According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national 6-year graduation rate is 60%.

University of the Ozarks Goal

At University of the Ozarks we provide you with more than a degree. We help you find your passion and give you the foundation you need to move forward - confident and prepared, endowed with the tools and perspective you need to make a difference wherever you go.